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Michael Dsouza
Michael Dsouza
Master Distiller
John Distilleries

Michael Dsouza, the Master Distiller of John Distilleries, started his career at the young age of 21 years. Having always been fascinated with the making of alcohol, especially whisky, he chose to pursue a career in the alcohol industry immediately after completing his education. His passion bore fruit when he became a whisky maker in 2009.

Much of his day is filled with sampling and tasting batches of whiskies or barrels and the excitement of vatting and creating exquisite expressions. His occupation gives him the opportunity to travel widely and to meet and get to know many stalwarts of the industry.

The fact that every region and distillery produces different whiskies never fail to impress him and his greatest joy is the appreciation his whiskies are given. Winning the recent Icons of Whiskies 2017 Master Distiller/Blender award is one of his memorable achievements.

Personally he enjoys unpeated whiskies over peated whiskies, but chooses never to compare whiskies, because to him every whisky is different!


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