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Heemanshu Ashar
Heemanshu Ashar
Paul John Indian Single Malt

Heemanshu Ashar started his career in 1994 at UB Global, the international trading arm of the UB Group. The mandate was to globalise Kingfisher, which was then just a Premium Indian lager and drive exports of the UB’s spirits portfolio of McDowell's and Herbertsons.

With a career spanning over two decades, and now as an independent consultant, he has straddled several assignments in wines, spirits, coffee, cold pressed juices and non-beverage industries like aerospace, fire-fighting equipment, automotive, construction and several others. Since 2006, Heemanshu has been associated with John Distilleries, starting with the setting up of Big Banyan Wines and, subsequently, in 2009, with the creation of Paul John Indian single malt whisky.

Today, Heemanshu spearheads the marketing of Paul John Indian Single Malt whisky for all markets with a missionary zeal and aims to place it on the World whisky map as the ‘Great Indian Single Malt’.


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